I opened my eyes to this world on September 24, 1949, in the old Army hospital at Ft. Ord, California, the

   oldest child of M/Sgt Michael and Mrs. Harriet Hofer.  My dad was the first American-born son of 

   Croatian immigrants, and my mother was the granddaughter of Prussian farmers.

   In 1967 I graduated from Seaside High School, Seaside, California, and in 1977 I received an Associate

   Degree in Nursing (RN) from El Paso Community College (now called Pikes Peak CC) in Colorado

   Springs.  I also attended Västmanlands Läns Landstings Vårdskolan (nursing school)  in Västerås,

   Sweden, for a year.  (Yes, I can speak Swedish, although I'm a bit rusty.  I could speak some Hausa at one

   time, too, but all that's left of that is a couple stains on my tongue.)  My nursing shoes sprinted down the

   long corridors of a county jail, a renal-diabetic unit, two AIDS units and two long-term care facilities.

   They tiptoed between patients lying on the floors of two over-crowded Nigerian hospitals and stood for

    hours squelching in the heat of a Nigerian OR.  For the last few years of my nursing career I was

    HIV/AIDS certified.  I retired in 2012.

   While an Army brat I lived in (besides Ft. Ord) Hawai, Ohio, California, Virginia, and Germany.  When

    no longer "Army" I nested briefly in Colorado, Sweden, Nigeria, and several towns in California.

    As you can guess, all that moving around has put me in a constant state of homesickness:  I always long

    to be somewhere else.

   I currently call Colorado home.  I share my space with a monster cat named Grey Bear and his two pet

   parakeets, Bluey and Sapphire.


A thought:

     We appeal as human beings to human beings:  Remember your humanity,  

      and forget the rest.

                                                                                 ---Albert Einstein



        With "Our Last Chants" in Denver,

        Navajo folk-music group and  film

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        Kody Dayish Productions

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                  Shirley Stroud Riddle

         Stark State College, Canton OH

   Psychotherapy Associates 43rd Annual  

     Winter Symposium, Colorado Springs

            Dr. Patrick Griswold, MSU Denver

      Elaine Goodrich-Premo, SheridanCollege WY

             Dr. Lisa L. Smith, ASU Phoenix

 Current reads

  *Equal Circles, edited by Peggy Caton (essays on

                 gender equality)

  *Door to December, by Dean Koontz (fiction)

  *Vernon God Little, byDBC Pierre (fiction)

  *Shoghi Effendi Through the Pilgrim's Eye, by Earl 

                Redman (memoir)

  *The Male Mother, by Barry K. Weinhold, PhD 


  *In Search of the Dark Ages, by Michael Wood (history)

  *The Diary of Juliet Thompson (memoir)